Opening in the spring of 1996, Cove Creek Park is a state of the art complex for youth baseball and softball. Leagues are organized for boys ages 5-15 and girls ages 5-14.

Though the park is privately owned, it exists for the youth of Albemarle and surrounding counties, and is operated by parents and volunteers. All proceeds from concessions, sponsorships, and registration are used to fund the park and its activities.

Volunteers are always needed. If you want to coach, umpire, sponsor a team or cook hot dogs, you are wanted at Cove Creek Park.

We’ve upgraded our fields so that  the Majors (11/12 age groups) will play on a 50/70 size field, while the Minors (9/10) age groups will continue to play on a 46/60 size field!

COVID-19 Update: Full Statement March 26, 2020

Per the Governor’s executive order which took effect at midnight, we are not allowed to hold any activities for the next 30 days…1.  because we are considered recreational and 2.  doing so would violate the no more than 10 people at a time on the property rule.  So, what that means….the earliest we can get back to playing ball at the park is Saturday, April 25 and NOT Monday, March 30, like we had originally hoped.

If that order changes and we can start up sooner, we certainly will.  We have been and will be actively working on game schedules, so we’re ready to go when the ban to assemble is lifted.  

Tournament Registration Update:  Registration has been postponed from Monday, March 30.  We will update the website once we are able to confirm a new date. Hopefully, the park will open on Monday March 30th. Read the Registration Information if you’re interested in learning more. 

Cove Creek Classic Tournaments: 
JULY 2-5    – 9U, 11U, 13U, 14U
JULY 9-12  – 10U, 12U, 13U, 15U

   Cove Creek Park
P.O. Box 9  (Mailing)
Covesville, VA  22931
6296 Faber Road (Physical Address)
Faber, VA 22938
(434) 970-2255